ioutdoor T2: Extreme rugged +4500mAh, preferred equipment for outdoor use

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In the mobile phone market of the rugged machine, iutdoor can be said to be an excellent brand. ioutdoor has always insisted on focusing on quality and craftsmanship.

ioutdoorT2 inherits the excellent features of T1s professional rugged feature and super-signal.  It has passed the IP68 international highest rugged certification. Based on profession experiments. The ioutdoor T2 can be survived even soaked in 2 meters of water for 30 minutes. The height of 1.5 meters is not damaged. Similarly, its appearance interface is handled by a special module, 99.99% effective to prevent dust from entering. Even if it falls into the sand, rinse it with water, you can continue to use the call.

rugged IP68,waterproof

The best breakthrough of ioutdoorT2 is reflected in the superior battery . It uses 4500 mAH detachable large battery. The experiment proves that the standby time of T2 is up to 1800h, the call duration is 3000 minutes, and the continuous music time is 1800 minutes. Amazing continuous battery performance, when necessary, instantly avatar mobile power to charge your other mobile devices. Let you travel lightly when you in the , say goodbye to the bulky charging treasure.

 superior battery

If you think that the ioutdoor T2 has only these features, then you are wrong. ioutdoorT2 is also a professional walkie-talkie. This definitely surprised all my friends. Its intercom distance is up to 5km. If you are adventurous, you will explore the uninhabited areas, such as deserts, forests, snow mountains, and these weak areas. You no longer have to worry about losing contact with the outside world because there is no signal. T2 is the perfect companion for doing a field trip!


ioutdoorT2 is also a super flashlight, powerful lighting function, due to its excellent concentrating ability, super penetration, when you camp at night, turn on the flashlight function, it is equivalent to a professional lighting. The T2 also has a superb signal and ultra-low radiation, built for the adventurous partner.

super flashlight

Of course, it also has 3D loud speakers, multimedia, radio, Bluetooth and other functions in one, an ioutdoorT2 can bring a lot of user experience, lighten your backpack and empty your mind. Then, T2 is your preferred communication equipment that loves life and travels.

ioutdoor is specialized in rugged smartphone filed also the pioneer combined the fashion and performance. More surprising in official site and get latest updated


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