ioutdoor 19.99$ biggest promotion only 3 days countdown!

BY:ioutdoorTime:2018-08-07 18:22:13

Have you surrounded by the news “ioutdoor new store biggest promotion” recently? Happiness time always pass quickly. After few days promotion and 9.9$ excited flash activity, this discount activity coming to an end and 3 days countdown!

deals only 3 days

For the someone who ignore this promotion activity. ioutdoor celebrating their new aliexpress anniversary from August 1th till the 10th (GMT+8 ). During this time, they will be launching a big promotion on a variety of ioutdoor phones on official Aliexpress store. Among them, the following 2 devices are the ones with biggest discount.

rugged walike talike phone

The ioutdoor T1 is the entry-level IP68 phone suitable for outside use. Packing strong signal and wireless FM, support MP3, MP4 format, and bring English and Russia keyboard. Another one is the ioutdoor T2, which is official said” world first walkie-talkie IP68 phone, this model feature 4500mAhbig battery, long standby time last for almost 3 months, moreover, big batter electricity support to charge other device , so it can be used as mobile power supply. Other side ,ioutdoor T2 with Strong flashlight, which is also a good function when you outside in night or long time outside trip.

This promotion activity remains 3 days left. If you are looking for outside device or equipment, it is a great deals for you. T1 original price 39.99$, here just with 19.99$; ioutdoor T2 retail price 59.99$, now the promotion price only 39.99$.meanwhile get the official product news here: and get the discount in official store:


ioutdoor Polar3 ,ruggedphone

ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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