ioutdoor X luxury unique motor racing design inspired from “speed”

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We all know that the smartphone giant HUAWEI just released their new MATE series four models, among these, MATE 20 rs attract most attention and popular as the unique and luxury design. Actually, Before HUAWEI, we ioutdoor have adopted the similar special symmetrical line segmentation track design, also called motor racing design.

motor racing design,ioutdoorX

About the breakthrough design, our designer said: the special symmetrical line inspired from Motor Racing, it also reflects the spirit of "running" which related to ioutdoor company culture. As for the introduction of leather material, it has several advantages. First, make your phone more recognizable. Secondly, metal gives users a firm feeling, while leather materials give users a warm feeling. Also, using leather design also has a very practical function, it is anti-slip. Many users will put their phones in different places in their cars, and it is inevitable that they will be embarrassed to slip off while driving. The bilateral leather design can solve this problem; meanwhile,  using leather design, great reduce the fingerprint trace in glass, which always brightness as new.   

ioutdoorX,IP68ruggedsmartphone In addition to basic communication and usage functions, smart phones have more features of aesthetic authentication and identity recognition, so we are always pursuing that uniqueness and most. I believe the company unique design ideas have been show completely in outdoor x: combination of leather and glass, three color contrast, as well as the unique motor racing design, the company designer said that. In addition to the appearance design, ioutdoor x also gathers very good performance in terms of product strength. IP68 professional waterproof and shock-proof, 10.4mm ultra-thin( most fashion and  thinnest in IP68 rugged phone field), 16MP dual cameras, and 6GB+128GB ,Face ID,Android 8.0. Here,Serious and brutal IP68 water-proof, shock-proof review test, you will see the smartphone you never want to missthat:


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ioutdoor Polar3 ,ruggedphone

ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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