ioutdoor give the lowest discount on double 11 global shopping festival

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As we know the double 11( also know as singles day) is the biggest shopping festival in china. Every Chinese maker worth their salt is preparing some kind of a special promo event or sales for this promotional carnival. So it comes as a no strange that our ioutdoor is also putting up some sales in advance so let’s take a look at their highlighted Top 3 phones to get from the event on our Aliexpress shop.

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Under we ioutdoor belong also the rugged phone and the first piece is just release few week ago and get hot popular model- ioutdoor x. Here maybe the excited news for ioutdoor x lovers. The phone can offer 5,7-inch HD+ panel, Helio P23 processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, Face ID tech, thinnest body and unique motor racing design, IP68 certification or the Android 8.1 Oreo. The retail price 299.99$,and of course a special 11.11 price 233.99 $(it’s the lowest price since it is release).


Then comes the ioutdoor T2, which is the strong and special rugged phone as it support walkie-talkie function. It very suitable for outdoor activities and some serious environment,big 4500mAh battery provide 1800h standby and can be used as power bank when your other device batter empty, professional IP68 for water-proof and shock-proof guaranteed. Discount price at 39.99$ down from retail price 59.99$(competitive price in year)


Last, but not least we have the ultra affordable ioutdoor T1, which also follow theIP68 water-proof and 1.5M anti-drop function, support MP3, MP4 format dual SIM card,2.0MP photography. In fact, for the special travelers, the non-negligible advantage of T1 is the strong signal and wireless FM, usually rugged phone with 28dBm but T1 with 32 dBm, so even in some remote areas, you can get the sigal. Now the double 11 price is 29.99$ (retail price 39.99$).

ioutdoor T1,11.11,Discount,

Please notice time limited, promotion carnival start from 10th -12th Nov, and check all the store coupon (30$- 1$, 60$-3$, 199$-10 $ as long as 199$-6$, support cross-store order) and ensure to get the final, most impressive price. More detail information head over to our official Ali-store.


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ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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