How much do you know about the rugged smartphone?

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What is tri-proof smart phone?

The tri-proof mobile phone is a mobile phone with dustproof, shockproof and waterproof functions, so it has always been loved by young users who love outdoor sports. With its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop and anti-rolling performance, it can handle the harsh weather conditions and special occasions.


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 Three-proof mobile phone have higher anti- level requirement when it used on outdoor sports and military, it must can be used in harsh environments, such as water bubbles, desert, strong impact, etc. This kind of three-proof mobile phone is generally not very attractive, it looks more powerful, the function is relatively simple, and the thickness is generally between 16-25MM.The main users are outdoor adventurers, tour pal, and military personnel. For example, IP68  ioutdoor T2with intercom function, AGM and SONIM is the most powerful rugged phone. With the mature of the technology in rugged smartphone field and more demands of people’s beauty pursuit, fashion and beauty IP68 three-proof smartphone comes. Generally, the stylish three-proof machine has beautiful appearance and the thickness can be less than 15MM. It has powerful functions, intelligent systems can be loaded, users are mainly young people who like fashion, and there are certain requirements for mobile phone security, such as Samsung, and the latest IP68 ioutdoor x.


Structural design

 The key area of the three-proof of the ordinary mobile phone structure is the gap between the LCD, the button, the battery and the molded case. Three-proof structure design idea: to pay attention to the choice in the three-proof design, if it is a product with high requirements, the three-proof design must be used as a main line. Other aspects around the requirements of the tri-proof, there must be clear three-proof ideas and overall thinking.


 You have a certain understanding of the three-proof smartphone after you have read this article. It is foreseeable that with the popularity of the integrated fuselage, the three-proof function will reduce the difficulty in design. Three-proof functions will become the standard function of smart phones in the feature. The positioning of the professional three-proof mobile phone and the stylish three-proof mobile phone may become more and more blurred. It is no longer a dream to have a strong tri-proof while having a attractive design.

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