So many rugged smartphone, why ioutdoor x looks beautiful?

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Speaking of the ioutdoor phone, what do you think of ? Is it strong performance,or is it a variety of applications that follow the trend, or is it variety of choose, from entry level to flagship device? These are features of the ioutdoor mobile phone. However, if you look at the ioutdoor series, you will find that the IP68 tri-proof are the strongest selling point of the ioutdoor mobile phone.

Always, the three-proof mobile phone have a big, thick and heavy image in our impression. Although it can fight against all kinds of severe environments, it is really not flattering in aesthetics. Now, with the development of the era of smart phones, major manufacturers have tried to introduce the IP68 Tri-proof to smartphone field. ioutdoor, as a leader in this field, has been praised by the attractive design and beautiful appearance. So all pack with IP68 defence,why ioutdoor looks so beautiful?

ioutdoor ioutdoor X RUGGEDPHONE

Product positioning
our latest flagship device- ioutdoor x, features professional IP68 dustproof and waterproof level.  We can see the various IP68 features promoted on the website: underwater photography, extreme violence test, resistance to fall.Therefore, ioutdoor X starts from the beginning of the product positioning is the professional IP68 three-proof design. Good IP68 performance not only in daily life protect also in any harsh environment.


Lack of patent
In three-proof mobile phone design, most of them will involve problems such as fuselage structure opening problems. We ioutdoor has been deeply involved in the field of three-proof mobile phones for decades, and has applied for a large number of  patents on the design of the fuselage opening, and Tri-proof certification. Relying on its own unique technology and supported by patent, the ioutdoor rugged samrtphones always looks slim and beautiful.  Like the ioutdoor x, adopting the most unique mator racing design, similar style of huawei mate20 rs Porsche design, 10.4mm utra-thin also is the big breakthrough in rugged field.
Company culture

Corporate culture determines the design philosophy of a companys products.  We has always been committed to abandon the thick, ugly and pursuit of beautiful and strong performance design concept.Therefore, all the phone in the lines all packing exquisite appearance. the Ioutdoor brand has set its own direction and goals from the beginning, so its latest flagship machine ioutdoor x is also praised by customers and the public as the thinnest and best looking IP 68 tri-proof smartphone.

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