5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rugged Smartphone

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There are smartphone in the market first, then came the ruggedized phone. By choosing a drop-resistant smartphone with a shatter-resistant design, warehouse workers, manufacturing workers, construction workers and others gained the ability to work effectively even in harsh environment. Smartphone makers see strong interest in such devices, with their “slimmer, thinner and lighter designs.” They foresee adoption of the rugged phones in the lifestyle market as a key driver of overall demand for ruggedized phones.

 So what are the most important factors you should consider?

 1.Rugged specs. Rugged devices should meet technical standards for durability, including  IP68 certification. Developed by the Department of Defense, military-grade testing or MIL-SPEC defines the survivability of devices under the harshest conditions. The new coming ioutdoor X adopt the professional IP68 certification, so it support 1.8 m drop proof and survive under the 2m water for 30 minutes. No plug dustproof technology to prevent dust and water enter into internal.


2. Appearance and design. Appearance is the first impression when we see the device, compared to traditional IP68 rugged phone, heavy, thick, now there also have some fashion rugged phone for our choice. ioutdoor x is the unique and stylish rugged phone with ultra-thin body, unique motor racing design, full screen. It is the beautiful smartphone in rugged phone filed.

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3. Core configuration CPU. CPU is an important parameter for us to choose a mobile phone. Like the computer, the CPU is one of the core components of the mobile phone. It is directly related to the speed and power consumption of the mobile phone. Among them, the CPU has a single-core dual-core quad-core or even an eight-core upgrade, which can make the smart phone more smooth. Program behavior and more powerful multitasking capabilities. ioutdoor X is equipped with HelioP23 eight-core processor, the clock speed can reach 2.3 Hz, and then with 6GB RAM + 128ROM of large memory, in the three defense field is a high-end configuration.


4.   Photography. A rugged phone should have top-shelf amenities to support users who need to capture quality photos or video in the field. The ioutdoor x specs tell that story: 16-megapixel Dual DP f/1.8, HDR and LED flash on the rear, and 13-megapixel with autofocus and beauty on the front.


5. Practical outdoor tools. There should be some special need when we consider to choosing a rugged phone, so the outdoor tools must be important. For outdoor people, the navigation system is very important. ioutdoor X carries GPS+GLONSS dual navigation system, which makes  outdoor life safer and bring NFC make the life more convenient.


You will choose one most suitable rugged phone follow these five factors, also different people will have different needs. The new flagship ioutdoor X is the worth buying rugged phone not only in the IP68 three defence performance but also in the other specification and appearance.Lrarn more it from our Alistore.

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