Rugged Phone ioutdoor x: What you need for your active lifestyle

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Calling all adventurers: outdoor fun doesn’t mean you need to leave your devices at home. They just might need some extra protection. Whether you’re hiking, camping, biking or hunting, ioutdoor has covered with the best rugged phones, accessories and sport tech. These durable products are ready for whatever Nature throws at you.


Fearless Phones

We’ve all been there: Your phone falls off a cliff and into a lake and then gets run over by a car in the snow. No? Well, just in case, with a rugged ioutdoor phone, you can work and play in the most extreme environments without compromising on toughness.

 ioutdoor X

The ioutdoor x is a 4G LTE smartphone built from IP68, the global standard in toughness. It’ll withstand dust, shock, water, vibration, temperature, pressure, rain, solar radiation, salt fog and humidity. Its IP68 waterproof certification means it can be submerged in 6 feet of water for 30 minutes. And its reinforced touchscreen can be used with wet or gloved hands ideal for doing the dirty work.

ioutdoor ioutdoorX Ruggedphone waterproof

Also with the rugged phone industry development, the design and appearance have achieved a great breakthrough. Heavy, ugly is always the first impression of rugged phone before, but now thin, stylish also can be the image of rugged phone. ioutdoor x is the latest unique rugged smartphone with Luxury motor racing design with the thin body only 10.4mm, android 8.1, Face ID, 1600 dual camera, NFC , GPS+GLONASS... suit any occasion not only daily life but also some serious environment.

ioutdoor ruggedphone waterproof ioutdoor is a professional rugged smartphone manufacture specialized in this field for more than 10 years, best service and good quality guaranteed, learn more about the ioutdoor X here, and get more official news from our Facebook page and there official Alistore.

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ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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