The Transformers’ design, ioutdoor polar 3 tri- protection beyond your expectation

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We ioutdoor as the leading rugged manufacturer in the filed for more than 10 years, you can see it has more innovative and breakthrough in these two year. The last model ioutdoor X with Unique motor racing design have got good feedback. So quickly, now we have plan to release our new model- ioutdoor polar 3.

 The Transformers’ design

Just said by the product designer of ioutdoor “ ioutdoor polar 3 backcover design inspired from “the Transformers, and it means polar 3 will strong enough to resist all exterior invasions with different defense mechanisms in different environments. We can see from the picture, different from the last model ioutdoor x, polar 3 looks more hard and rough; screw-exposed and orderly arrangement in the two side, diamond lattice combine with the logo in the bottom shows unique.

ioutdoor,ioutdoorPolar3 ruggedphone

 Structural bulge and swing design

Polar 3 is different from conventional flat cover design. The front and back all adopt structural bulge and swing design, aims to reduce the pressure when falling, meanwhile makes the polar 3 more stylish. Camera, finger sensor vertically arranged. Small triangle texture engraving and delicate curved corner treatment, bring the more comfortable hand feeling.


 Rough and Integrated

Polar 3s backcover is made of German Bayer TPU skin-friendly high-elastic polymer material, durable wear-resistant, bright color. In the frame, aluminum alloy was used to improve the quality and shows metallic.


Transformer design with professional tri-proof technology, ioutdoor polor 3 is a military IP 68 smartphone. Unique design, IP68 supported, convenient wireless charging, Sony 13MP dual camera, android 8.1. Most concerned price only with 129.99$ presale from retail price 149.99$ !You can get it on our site and  Gearbest.


ioutdoor Polar3 ,ruggedphone

ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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