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We ioutdoor is one of active IP68 rugged smartphone maker in China. After two month released the last model- ioutdoor x ( which called world most thinnest rugged smartphone). In the beginning of 2019,we  published the new model ioutdoor polar 3.

 As the advertising said “ioutdoor polar 3, born for extreme”, so here, let’s us have deep analysis of ioutdoor polar 3 IP 68 performance.

 IP68 professional certification

Polar3s waterproof and dustproof performance has reached the highest level of IP68. The IP level is one of the standards for detecting three defenses in mobile phones. Professional IP68 means that polar3 can work normally after immersing in 1.5 meters of water for half an hour, 99% dust-proof.

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Full body Na-no waterproof technology and 100% structural seal

Different from the ordinary three-proof machine, polar3 also has advanced full-body nano-waterproof technology. It uses double-layer anti-mud/water technology. The mobile phone body and battery cover and power supply components are sealed, edged. Each important component is treated separately, and each exterior interface is treated with a special template, achieved truly 100% structurally sealed from the inside to the outside.


sided cutting process, 360° protection design

Polar 3s state of the art and powerful industrial design have laid out its three-proof performance. 12-sided cutting process, wing design on both sides, adding strong TPU anti-drop material shell, unique floating border, and 0.35mm screen dispensing technology, which greatly reduce the impact pressure, get excellent shock-proof.


Special materials + high-strength glass, resistant to extreme temperatures

The poalrs outer casing is made of TPU, PC and metal. The stability of the TPU and PC materials ensures that polar 3 can stand without any harm between -40℃ to 70℃ while in shutting down mode, and work normally between -20℃-50℃. And with diamond coating, ensures structural strength, but also ensures toughness, so it can resist strong impact, crushing, and twisting.

ioutdoor,waterproof,ruggedphone,ioutdoor Polar 3

So, ioutdoor polar 3 is indeed a good rugged phone, with wireless charging, face ID,13MP Sony camera as well as 3GB+32GB. Most important,  we provide most competitive price 119.99$ from 149.99$ on banggood, learn more from the official site and Ali-express.


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