Rugged smartphone ioutdoor polar 3 packing with great photography !

BY:ioutdoorTime:2019-02-26 14:49:57

ioutdoor – as a well established China rugged smartphone brand –  our company is going to show off our  latest ioutdoor polar 3, a smartphone coming with a 5.5-inch display featuring an 18:9 aspect ratio as well as a IP68 rugged protect, and wireless charging. As many people concerned when buying rugged smartphone, photography and appearance. Hot spread “Transformers” design is not going talk about here, let’s have look of the photography.

ioutdoor,ioutdoor Polar 3,ruggedphone,waterproof

For many outdoor enthusiast, bring a rugged smartphone with excellent photography is a wonderful thing. It’s in fact able to snap very detailed and high quality photos, something you’ll experience when zooming in the images you just captured. The polar 3 does indeed feature 13MP +2MP Sony image sensor on the back. Mean while support panorama, SLR bokeh effect, beauty, photo location as well as underwater photo takes.

ioutdoor,ioutdoor Polar 3,ruggedphone,

The front 8.0MP selfie camera will then support Face ID and Face Beauty functionalities. This means that you’ll be able to unlock your smartphone by scanning your face, which adds extra functionality in this price range, meanwhile beauty selfies ( skin smooth, face slim,skin whiten, Eyes enlarge) achieve more beauty, natural, more details and always show the best version of you.

ioutdoor ,ioutdoor Polar3, ruggedphone, waterproof In addition to the Sony camera the ioutdoor polar 3 also has a 5.5-inch HD display, “transformers” design, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and Android8.1 OS. A fingerprint scanner, Face ID  and NFC added. The most you concerned is price: these days coming with the presale price 129.99 down from the retail price 149.99 $ in Banggood and official Aliexpress, Limited time of the limited discount, don’t miss the promotion!


ioutdoor Polar3 ,ruggedphone

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