Why the usual smartphone maker don’t enter the rugged smartphone market?

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Smartphone versatility makes our lives more convenient, and becoming more and more popular and widespread. Today, it is indispensable part of peoples life and work. However, it also has a fatal weakness that cannot be ignored. Such as water damage or shock damage. Although many mobile phone manufacturers have added waterproof features to their mobile phones, but the waterproof standard can’t meet the protection requirement.

 The brand Apple has added waterproof function to its products, but it can only be used for the basic protection of water splashing. This simple waterproof mobile phone cannot be called a three-proof mobile phone.

 So why the usual brand smartphone makers don’t enter the rugged mobile phone market?

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 Design and appearance

Appearance is a big factor for consumers to buy mobile phones. If they are not users with special needs for the three-proof function, consumers are more concerned about the appearance and design of the mobile phone. To increase the three-proof function of the mobile phone, especially the anti-drop, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the mobile phone. For the market trend of chasing the thin and light, bigger screen ratio, which is one of the important reasons for many brands to give up the three-proof machine.

Cost of production

In order to increase the three-proof function of the mobile phone, the cost of adding waterproof design and anti-drop design materials will increase largely. Most users requirement in three-proof function is only for the simple waterproof in life, and mobile phone manufacturers are more willing to put the cost in hardware and performance optimization.

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Production technology
The real three-proof mobile phone needs to have professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop and anti-squeezing performance. It can handle the harsh weather conditions and special occasions, and it is resistant to high and low temperature and corrosion. There are high requirements for production materials and production technology, which is also an important reason why many manufacturers not enter the rugged market.

There are still some manufacturers focusing on the three defense smartphone in the market, ioutdoor, with a decade experience, provide strongest products. Also they have a very big breakthrough in appearance, launching the worlds thinnest three-proof mobile phone ioutdoor X, only 10.5mm, the parameters are also very powerful.

And the recent hot model- polar3, adopting advanced body waterproof nanotechnology, novel Transformer design concept, first carrying wireless charging technology.

If you are looking for an outdoor rugged smartphone which also with good appearance and design, has a strong three-proof function, then the innovative brand ioutdoor is the best choice for you!Get more information about the ioutdoor from the official site.

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