What are the advantages of professional rugged smartphone compared to normal smartphone?

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Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturers are paying attention to the situation “increasing demand in professional IIP68 Tri-proof smartphone”, so more manufacturer successively release water-proof smartphone. Major mobile phone manufacturers including SONY and Samsung have launched waterproof flagship models, and even the iPhone has added waterproof performance.

 Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of peoples lives, but according to the survey, 5% of mobile phones in the world are damaged every year because of water incident. Many consumers have such high expectations for waterproof phones. So what are the difference and advantages between professional rugged phone and normal water-proof phones? Experts in waterproof technology said: There are two types of waterproof mobile phones on the market: normal waterproof mobile phones and professional outdoor mobile phones, they have big difference in the protection.

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"most of the waterproof technologies used in smart phones are nano-coating waterproof technology. Although this technology is an important breakthrough in electronic products,  also has its shortcomings. Simply speaking, although this technology phone can prevent electronic components from short-circuiting with water, it can not prevent dust and shock. It doesn’t matter if the phone enter a small amount water and dust in a short time, but in the long run, this will have an effect on the erosion of mobile phone components, affecting the quality of the phone.

Professional outdoor mobile phones have anti-shockproof function in addition to waterproof and dustproof functions. But many big brands don’t want to make effort to this. The president of Xiaomi, was also asked in an interview recently why Xiaomi did not comply with the market demand and delayed the waterproof mobile phone. The waterproof technology is costly. Even if the cost is not considered, have great waterproof, is also not the good thing if it with weak shock proof


If you are really inevitably use your mobile phone in serious environment or have to be exposed to water frequently, it is recommended to use professional rugged smartphone. There are many excellent three-proof brands in the industry. ioutdoor has 10 years of experience in the field of three defenses. They always innovative and break through. The flagship ioutdoor x combines the appearance and performance, using the motor racing design similar to Huawei mate 20 Porsche design. The latest flagship polar3, launched in 2019, has a new Transformer design. If you want to get one rugged smartphone, ioutdoor is a great choice for, which strong IP68performance combine with fashion design, get more information from official site.And you can gte our new phone Polar3 with discount price,,only 129.99$ on TomTop STORE.


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