What is the advantages of dust prevention in the three-proof machine?

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The three-proof machine is sturdy and durable, and it is suitable for outdoor sports people because of its ability to handle unusually harsh weather conditions and special occasions. The most important performance of the three-proof machine is the performances of dustproof, waterproof and shock proof . Waterproof and anti-drop is an important factor for most of the three anti-mobile phones. So what is the role of dust protection?

 The dust-proof function is used in the design of the mobile phone, and it can be used normally in the desert and other environments. Now it is widely used by outdoor sports enthusiasts. Some people also need to buy dust-proof mobile phones because of work. Even in dusty work, no damage will be caused to the phone,

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The dustproof of the mobile phone is divided into the dustproof of the mobile phone screen, the dustproof of the camera and the dustproof inside the mobile phone. If the dust enter into screen of the mobile phone it will affects the user experience and affects the visual enjoyment when watching video and playing games. The dust on the camera has a great influence on the shooting effect, the picture is blurred or there is a dark spot. When dust enter in to mobile phone, which will damage the the running speed, energy lose, hardware aging. Generally speaking, the running speed of the mobile phone become slower, sometimes get carton, and shorten the standby time.

Under normal circumstances, the life of the dust-proof mobile phone is higher than that of the ordinary mobile phone, because the dustproof function has a good protection effect on the body.


ioutdoor has more than 10 years experience in the rugged smartphone filed, and all products have reached IP68 professional standard. ioutdoor polar3 technology adopts two-color injection molding technology, hard rubber support structure, soft plastic buffering force, can achieve all-round shockproof, also resist 99% dust, Together with the special dust plug, the ioutdoor Polar3 can even be buried in the soil for half an hour. Suitable for people working in outdoor harsh environments, for construction workers, deserts and other field workers, also ioutdoor polar 3 is the good choice when you outside for trip and adventure!

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