Is the folding phone resistant to falling?

BY:ioutdoorTime:2019-04-10 16:38:32

In 2019, folding mobile phones set off a huge wave, and many mobile phone manufacturers are ready to join this trend.The folding phone will be a detour of the mobile phone manufacturer, will be eliminated like a flip phone, or represents the evolution of the mobile phone form?

It is undeniable that the folding screen is an extension of the full screen fanaticism, which can directly trigger consumer interest and fanaticism.


The difficulty of the folding screen mobile phone is that, on the basis of the existence of the hinge, it is also necessary to keep the weight of the mobile phone, so it is difficult to ensure durability and bearing capacity, and the folding screen mobile phone is also resistant to wear, and the mobile phones on the market are all made of high hardness glass. . Nowadays, because of the folding, the film is made of a polymer material, and the slip resistance of the film is certainly not as good as that of glass.


But for most people, the ruggedness of phones has become a necessary feature of choosing mobile phones. There are many excellent three-proof machine manufacturers on the market. There are two high-end flagship machines under the ioutdoor brand, which combines three anti-performance and comprehensive screen. Ioutdoor X still has a racing track design similar to Huawei mate 20, while still has a full screen of 18:9, and with advanced three-proof technology, Polar3 still has a stylish diamond design, a solid appearance and IP68 combination, and With advanced wireless charging technology.

 Whether for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor workers, or for urban white-collar workers, the ioutdoor brand is a good choice!


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