This mobile phone is perfect match with spring!

BY:ioutdoorTime:2019-04-25 16:23:30

Maybe you have heard that chocolate is more suitable for music in the rainy days, but have you ever thought about which mobile phone in March is more suitable for spring?

Spring is a spring season, and green is the main color of no doubt, representing hope and vitality.

 Looking back on these years, color has become a major selling point for smartphone manufacturers. Now, the trend of green mobile phones represented by “grass green” is growing. Of course, this mobile phone function is highly mature in terms of design and design. The breakthrough space for mobile phone design is limited, and changing colors can make people feel refreshed.

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Of course, ioutdoor manufacturers as the leader in the field of three defenses, always guarantee that quality is the first pursuit, in the art design is also the fashion pace of the market trend machine. Recently, ioutdoor manufacturers have launched the "new green" T1 mobile phone, and the performance of the mobile phone and the previous hot T1 have not changed. Just in appearance, the green model symbolizes this spring vitality. It is a green design model that ioutdoor company specially introduced for spring, expressing lively vitality and love for nature.

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