How to extend the life of your smartphone?

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When we choose a new smartphone, each of us wants it to serve us for as long as possible. However, some errors in the operation will seriously affect the service life of the phone.

 If you can follow some simple rules, you can extend the life of your smartphone.

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 1, you will never turn off your smartphone

You must turn off your phone completely at least once a week. According to experts, when the phone is in uninterrupted mode, the battery will discharge many times faster than when it is turned off. The battery of the phone will die faster.

 2, dont always turn on Bluetooth and WIFI

When you dont use Bluetooth and WIFI, its best to turn them off and turn them on when necessary, so you can reduce the charge loss and increase the efficiency of your phone.

 3, dont let the phone charge overnight

It may be very convenient to charge your smartphone at night while you sleep. However, experts say: This is not a good idea. If your phone is fully charged but still charging, it may damage the battery over time and begin to discharge quickly.


 4. You allow all applications to use geolocation.

It hurts your phone when location services are active 24/7 and are used by all possible apps. Constantly turning on geolocation will quickly reduce handset costs and shorten the life of mobile devices. Enable this feature only when needed.

 5, you have enabled notifications for all applications.

So-called push notifications effectively maintain the high availability of the phone and require a continuous data connection. In other words, the included notification keeps the gadget at a constant voltage. This can cause the battery to fail faster than you think. In addition, each time the phone receives a new notification, the display will illuminate, reducing the amount of power on the smartphone.

 Do you know which methods can extend the life of your phone?and learn more us from our Alistore.


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