The anxiety about mobile phone battery ? The sense of security you want can be provided by ioutdoor

BY:ioutdoorTime:2019-06-04 16:27:42

In daily life, enough money in pocket,full electricity in mobile phone battery and full signal in WiFi makes us comfortable. Do you feel anxious when you experience that your battery level display is less than 10% ? Especially, for those who love outdoor sports, they will be anxious when they see battery red indicator light in places where there are few people. This anxiety will make you be not in the vein for enjoying the scenery and affect your sense of travelling experience.

 Although smartphones have been making up for this lack, the shortcomings of batteries have always existed. In the spring travel season, ioutdoor has released a large-capacity waterproof charging treasure. The large capacity and small size are the essential "Anxin pills" for the friends to go outdoors.

anxiety about mobile phone battery,waterproof

 1,Dedicated in IP68 waterproof

Designed for underwater and serious environment use, ioutdoor S936 made from imported rubber from German and completely sealed structure, bring excellent waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

 2,Tight and portable

TPU soft abrasive treatment, ergonomic shape design.  Easy to carry in your daily life or outdoor activity.

 3Powerful chips, security and stability

Charging efficiency more than 80%, charging temperature is kept below 45℃, effectively prevent overcharge, protect your phone.

 4,Dual USB output, charge multi-device simultaneously

Micro Dual USB output can charge for your device simultaneously, and micro port are available for most digital device.

 It is worth mentioning that this is a product created by ioutdoor and a well-known travel agency. The limited edition is issued, with only 500 units worldwide. It is a good helper for you outdoors. Please get it on our Alistore.


ioutdoor Polar3 ,ruggedphone

ioutdoor x, rugged smartphone

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